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Take a coach ride to see some of Japan’s most picturesque scenery in the Nikko region. Chuzenjiko Onsen is a hot spring resort town on the shores of Lake Chuzenji at the foot of Mount Nantai. The small town offers some beautiful sightseeing spots, including Chuzenji Temple, a Futarasan Shrine, a nature museum and Kegon Waterfall. It is also the departure point of sightseeing cruises on the lake. The almost 100 meter tall Kegon Waterfall (Kegon no taki) is the most famous of Nikko’s many beautiful waterfalls.


Nikko Sightseeing

After breakfast, ready for your trip to Nikko. Upon Arrival, take a short trekking to Toshogu Shrine. This Shrine is one of the famous shrines that form the World Heritage site, with 42 structures of the shrine nominated, 5 of them are designated as National Treasures of Japan. In Toshogu Shrine, you can see the extravagantly decorated Yomemon gate and other highlights like the Three Wise Monkeys and Sleeping Cat. After lunch, it’s time to head further into the Nikko area for a dose of nature, the Nikko National Park. One of the most prominent waterfalls in Japan lies here, the Kegon Falls. This is also a popular place to see the incredible autumn colours. During a short bus ride pass the Nikko Natural Museum, you will reach the final destination, which is the Lake Chuzenji. Feel free to enjoy fresh air and beautiful picturesque of mountains and water sound, this combination as the ballad of nature. In the afternoon, you will be transferred back to Tokyo.


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