Work With Us

We don’t go to work just for making a living, rather, it is to discover our limit and exceed it. At Asia Vacation, we worship the spirit of team-work and focus on helping others to develop themselves. While it is mandatory to follow a certain set of rules and instructions, we aim to maintain open spaces and provide adequate supports for individuals to excel their creativity and advance their careers. Start browsing below for a chance to do things that matter.

Competitive Salary

No pain no gain. While we make sure you don’t need to look elsewhere for the best option, Asia Vacation offers a variety of programs and policies to pump up your income every month.

Benefits Package

Beside must-have benefits required by the government, we also offer great perks such as snack corner, daily refreshment, monthly Happy Friday and a lot of fun activities.

Travel Opportunities

The most obvious advantage of working for a travel company is to be able to travel. Occasionally, everyone gets to travel for the purposes of team-building, leisure and business. And yes, your family members are allowed too, depending on the event of course.

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