3 Day Wellness Voyage

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To free yourself of the harmful effects of urban life, Alba Wellness Valley invites you on a voyage to inner balance and healthy living, transporting you to a place of optimal wellbeing and physical fitness.

Inspired by signature wellbeing ethos, the team at Alba Wellness Valley have crafted a WellnessVoyage to transport you on a life-changing journey back to your true self.

Whether you want to get fit, get healthy, or simply relax and unwind like never before, a healthy mind begins with a healthy body and a daily programme of guided fitness sessions will lead you to your goals

Early morning hikes through mountain forests, aqua yoga in the resort’s pool and reposeful meditation sessions will connect you with the beauty of your natural surroundings.

Daily hot spring soakings, and soothing spa treatments are ideal for those making the commitment to improve their general wellbeing, helping to revitalise and reinvigorate, reducing stress and resetting inner balance.

Throughout your voyage you will enjoy healthy, nutritionally balanced meals, detoxifying herbal teas, and fresh, natural juices and smoothies. To help you continue your lifestyle changes once you return home.

If your goal is to live a healthier, happier life, then Alba’s Wellness Voyage is the ideal place to start your journey.


  • Fullboard wellness menu
  • Daily activities (hiking, yoga class, meditation)
  • Smoothies
  • 01 Reflexology treatment (50 minutes per treatment)
  • 01 daily Onsen bath treatment for 30 minutes
  • Daily one time playing Zipline & Highwire
  • Daily hot spring bathing
  • Movement Therapies


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Please contact us for more info.

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Please contact us for more info.


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